Top Three Things To Do in Barcelona

Top Three Things To Do in Barcelona

After a recent 3 day stop off in Barcelona on our European Road Trip I round up our three Barcelona things to do. Don’t get me wrong, we were nothing but tourists on this trip and don’t claim to be locals that know all the secret top spots, however I’d put a bet on our Restaurant being one of the best in town!

Las Tapas Locas

Las Tapas Locas

If you’re in the Barcelona Port area then I suggest you stop what you are doing and visit this Tapas Restaurant. We had previously visited here a few years ago when attending Barcelona for a business conference and hunted down the same place. Between the two of us we went for Five dishes, which at the time seemed a good idea, however looking back two each was more than suitable. That famous saying “Your eyes are bigger than your belly” ring to mind right about now! Anyhow, we went for the following dishes (English names) Ham Croquettes, Onion & Garlic Omelette, Cod & Chips, Spanish Chorizo in Champagne and Bravas Potatoes.

If you’ve ever tried Tapas, please tell me you’ve had the spanish Bravas Potatoes. They’re the best thing ever and I just wish I could find somewhere in the UK that sold these! Basically its a small fried potatoe with a spanish style spicy sauce. The Ham Croquettes tasted like they’d been deep fried with some cheese inside and were to die for! The Onion and Garlic Omelette was a lot more filling than we anticipated not managing to finish all of this dish. The Chorizo in Champagne I was a huge fan of, however my wife isn’t a big Champagne lover and wasn’t a great fan of this. Myself on the other hand, I managed to eat the whole dish with nothing leftover! The cod & chips, albeit a traditional UK dish had a nice spanish twist to it and was the largest of the five dishes we had selected. It was by far the best value of the lot!

If you’re in Barcelona and want to check out this place, here’s the website

Nou Camp Stadium Tour

Nou Camp

A Barcelona things to do list wouldn’t be complete without a trip around one of the most famous stadiums in the world! The Nou Camp at just under 100,000 seats is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. This in itself explains the size of the place.

We opted for the Stadium Tour which allowed us to explore the full grounds of the stadium, the teams dressing rooms, history of FC Barcelona, Press Room and Trophy Room. The sheer size of this tour alone was well worth the 15eu we paid each. I’m a huge football fan so being able to experience one of my favourite spanish teams history was a dream come true! I personally don’t think you can do a true Barcelona visit without seeing this masterpiece of a stadium and experiencing the history of a worldwide club FC Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia

This had to make it on the Barcelona things to do list. It’s hard to write a full review on this place, it’s one of those catch 22 places that you sort of have to visit if doing a stop in Barcelona, but once you’ve done it, you don’t necessarily have to go back. We didn’t actually book to go inside and do the Audio Tour as when we arrived it was more busy than a 100% closing down sale in Tesco! In all seriousness, it was crazy busy even I got a bit of panic attack going on due to how many people there was in such a crowded place. That coupled with the fact that Barcelona is notoriously known for its pick-pocketers that target tourists. Either way, we got a few snaps on our camera and had a wander around the gift shop before heading straight back to the underground secure parking lot.

Have you been to Barcelona recently and is there anything you’d change if you were making a Barcelona things to do list? Let me know in the comments section below guys, it’d be great to read your thoughts for the next time I visit!