Blogging with a Chromebook

Blogging with a Chromebook

One thing every blogger probably questions is how will they be able to keep their blog active whilst on the move! I’ve got a pretty busy work schedule and quite often find myself away from home, however I’ve devised the perfect little travel companion to ensure I’m always socially connected! Here’s my little run down of how my Chromebook has served me well for work!

You may of been out shopping for a new laptop for travelling or university and came across Chromebooks. This is usually the case simply because of their low entry price point. You can pickup a good spec Chromebook & Tablet for around £250 ($350). I recently purchased the Asus C100PA along with an Asus ZenPad Z580C in a combined package.

Blogging on a Chromebook

The reason I love my Chromebook is because it serves a purpose. It’s not designed to have a massive hard-drive or huge processors, they simply do not require them. They’re a lightweight cloud based setup that literally starts up instantly once you flip the lid. That’s one thing I used to hate about my old laptop when travelling was having to wait ages for it to start Windows.

When it comes down to working on the Chromebook, they’ve a host of Google Apps that do the job perfectly. The apps all run directly from the Google Web Store as-well as having several built in automatically to the device. If you’re looking for Microsoft Office you won’t get the exact thing, but Google do a good job in replicating something similar with;

Google Docs (Word Processing), Google Sheets (Spreadsheets) and Google Slides (Presentations).

But what about loading your photos and Photoshop I can hear you all calling out right now! Well the Chromebook is a gift that keeps on giving, as it has something called Pixlr Editor which has a lot of great features if you just want to do a quick edit on the road. In addition, it has USB and Media Ports to allow you to import photos in a variety of ways. Yes you won’t get all the powerful features of a full blown Photoshop package, but thats where you need to weigh up convenience and size over practicality.

Chromebook for Blogging

What’s even better is when you’ve done all your work stuff, the Chromebook doubles up as a perfect Entertainment device. Most models feature glossy HD touch-screens and are perfect for catching up on Movies and TV Shows on your travels.

In summary, I think it’s safe to say that all bloggers should consider a Chromebook in the arsenal of blogging weapons. It pretty much ticks every possible box when it comes to Travelling. If you feel like I’ve missed a trick, or should consider an alternative gadget for blogging then please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

I’d love to review something which can out-do my Chromebook!