Readly Review & Free Pass

If anyones been following my blog recently you know that I’m doing a Euro Trip. I’m currently in the middle of Spain in a Villa, and when spending your days lounging around a pool you need some reading material. Within a week I’d powered through my book I’d brought with me, so was stuck having to deal with reading Facebook Updates. That soon gets boring, as you’ll probably know!

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My Best DLP Character Interactions

After an amazing trip to Disneyland Paris in May I’m going to summarise my Best DLP Character Interactions from the most recent trip. Over the last year I’ve visited several times and had some great DLP Character Interactions, but these are specifically from my trip last week.

If you’ve never been to Disneyland Paris where have you been living!? It’s the MOST magical place on Earth and the one place you can literally just let yourself be free! I always feel at home whenever I’m here and we regularly visit as we are Annual Pass holders.

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Sunday Summary #1

Here goes with my first Sunday Summary. A simple round up of all I’ve done this week along with our weekly YouTube vlog at the end.


What a busy day Sunday turned out to be. After deciding to start the Couch to 5k Challenge day two turned out to be quite comfortable actually. I’m dreading the upcoming weeks as I know it’ll slowly become a massive stamina challenge. We enjoyed a nice walk around the local Tees Barrage. We headed off back home to get ready for the latest WWE PPV. I cooked a cheeky Fakeaway and after a shower did a little facemask which you can read about here.


Standard Bank Holiday Monday doing a little bit of shopping which ended up with most shops being shut. Back home for some catch up TV, snuggles and chilling in bed.


There’s nothing worse than the day after a bank holiday as you never actually recover into a “normal” routine. I always find that your days are always messed up and you are constantly asking yourself if its a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday!? A last minute dash to the shop for my mams Birthday card (male thing) and forgetting what helen actually sent me in for Oops :/

Couch to 5K Week One


Back into the swing of things and actually having a productive day since the bank holiday weekend. I was back at the Couch to 5K and went for a run on my own. I didn’t ever think i’d find myself enjoying a run before 8am, what is the world coming to! Literally as i went to walk back in the house, Helen was on her way out. We jumped in the car and headed off for some food and drink. My first encounter with Almond milk was interesting to say the least and we ended up somehow buying a new Canon G7X Vlogging camera! Spontaneous trips out the house are always the best right! Either that or the MOST EXPENSIVE ones known to man haha. Helen went to the Dentist and spent the rest of the day moaning because her mouth was numb.


Rather than trying to navigate around the area without a car, we decided to take a trip to Middlesbrough on the off-chance that Helen could get into the Benefit Brow Bar to get her eyebrows done a day early. No sooner had we literally wandered into the shop to enquire, a cancellation had came in and she was seated in seconds. One minute I was on my phone, next I looked up to find she had well and truly been “HD browed”. Honestly, watch the Vlog and tell me thats not HD! We caught up with Helens other sister who’d just had some good news so decided for a quick trip to a beer garden as the weather was beautiful. There goes the first drink since starting the Couch to 5K challenge, let’s hope this doesn’t become a regular thing with the glorious beer garden season upon us!

Driving to Disney


No hangover in sight, I headed out bright and early to drop the car off for a service. After listening to Helen moan all week about the car not driving right and me just putting it down to her being “a new driver” I was totally foot in mouth when the Garage rang to say it needed a load of work doing to it :/ There’s nothing worse than your Wife being right all the time, oh and having to pay Garage Bills that sucks too! We needed to get the car fixed because we had a nice 8 hour drive to Disneyland Paris all planned out for the weekend. Thinking we were car free, we popped in to see Helens sister who randomly decided to purchase her first car. As she didn’t have any insurance or anything for it, it turned out in me and Helen driving it around all day and no packing for Disney getting done. That is until we decided around 7pm to drive to London that night.

Believe me, if you like random last minute Travel, you’re going to LOVE following our Blogs & YouTube channel. We don’t do things by half put it that way!

After arriving the night before around 2am sleep was 110% on the cards.

I hope you enjoy our first weekly Vlog even though it was a bit mish-mash. Be sure to check back next Sunday for week 2 which will be all Disney related!


LUSH – Mask of Magnaminty Review

What is the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush? Come on guys, I don’t think Lush needs much of an introduction right? They are pretty much the go-to place for anything bath and body related right about now! Or at least that’s how I feel about the place.

Cut to my most recent Lush trip, and I’d had a few recent breakouts on my face and thought I’d swing by and see if they had any magic potions in their face section. After stumbling around the bath bombs for fifteen minutes and smelling possibly every one possible (oh and buying a few) I headed to the face area. Cue the entrance of Mask of Magnaminty.

Dubbed a Face & Body mask, the second you open this little black pot of gold you’ll be hit with possibly the best scent ever! I instantly fell in love with it in the shop and just wanted to eat it all up. That’s not weird right :/

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Man Flu Survival Kit

I’ve been attacked by the wildest known virus to men! Man Flu!

I thought I’d managed to escape the change in seasons without contracting this and was looking forward to summer, boy how wrong could I be. I woke up one day feeling like my head had just been plummeted high speed into a brick wall and my nose was flooding enough to cause a tsunami up north. Queue the Survival kit along with an ongoing supply of Kleenex tissues.

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