Fast Track Mortgage Deposit in Less Than A Year

Fast Track Mortgage Deposit in Less Than A Year

So we never really had a decisive time-frame on when we wanted to move exactly, however when we returned home from travelling around Europe for 6 weeks, the following day, our car was vandalised. This was the straw that broke the camels back as they say! Time for Operation: £0 to Mortgage Deposit In Less Than A Year! How I don’t know, but it’ll be done!

We have literally no idea how we are going to pull this one out the bag, but we know with determination and the drive we can achieve this within 12 months from this post. I don’t know how you can go from £0 to getting a Mortgage for a dream home but what I do know, is that when you have a strong drive behind you, I believe you can achieve anything! We have set ourselves a target of saving approxamitely £20,000 ~ £30,000 which will be used as a house deposit for our Mortgage when the time comes around (within 12 months *fingers crossed*). We are quite fortunate living up north in the UK that we have the lowest property prices in England. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it’d be like living in the Capital and trying to buy houses.

We’ve been searching around for the best advice to assist us with the mortgage process so have been looking into clearing up any short term debt. The aim is to have this cleared within the next month. From here on in, it’ll be a case of earning plenty of pennies online to achieve our goal! We are actively searching out any other advice from professionals online that can help us with the mortgage process.

The target is to earn and save between £1,6000 – £2,500 a month, to fall in line with our 20-30k 12month aim. Ideally, the more we save each month, the faster we can move in theory.

The goal line has been set, can we make it who knows!? Be sure to keep an eye over the coming 12 months, as I’ll be doing monthly roundups of how we are progressing as-well as any methods we have found to earn money online from home.

Do you have any suggestions for making £30,000 online over the next 12 months? Let me know in the comments section below