Is Our Dream House Becoming A Reality?

Is Our Dream House Becoming A Reality?

So if you’re a regular reader you might be a little puzzled by this one. Well in a Nutshell, with three Months of pretty much no sleep, 110% effort daily and squeezing our savings we’ve found our Dream House and placed an offer. If you haven’t already read the previous posts catch up here and here then this post might make a little more sense.

With this said, I’ll throw out my apologies for the lack of blogging over the last few weeks. It’s not that I’ve fallen out of love with writing, I feel like I’ve just been putting all my efforts into this dream and it’s slowly becoming more a reality by the day.

Month One Earnings

Where are we at currently?

So the property we noticed at the beginning of August on Rightmove and it was more a case of “Oh how amazing does that look, I wish we could be there right now” and left on the back burner. We decided it’d be worth going to see it anyways to get a general idea of what we like and dislike in houses. We had looked at hundreds of alternatives on Rightmove in the area and everything just had so many negatives nothing jumped out except this one house.

After viewing, it was clear there was a lot of renovation required, but in theory this is exactly what we wanted. A shell to put our stamp on. We had a general chat with the Estate Agent, ran over some figures and realised we were in a position to place an offer.

I think it was one of these moments where you’ve planned something out in your head for so many years, and when it comes down to it, you get butterflies as soon as you say yes. We had a bit of a backwards and forwards motion in regards to putting in a low offer and trying to agree on a price with the seller. Once this was accomplished we then had a week or two jumping through several hoops to get our mortgage all in place.

House Keys

The final journey until we get our new set of keys is with the Solicitors getting all the local searches completed. As far as I know this is the formality of basically ensuring that the house isn’t going to get flooded or fall down in the near future. I’m not sure on the timescales for all these searches to be completed, but lets hope we can be in the house by October!

Thanks for sharing 5 minutes of your day to read this post it means a lot! I can’t express how stressful these next few weeks are going to be until we have the Keys physically in our hands but rest assured as soon as we do, you won’t hear the end of it and it’ll Instagram central!

Have you previously renovated or moved house and have any suggestions of how to make it stress free?