Making Memories

I’m not one for being sentimental at all. I’ve always been one for memories are just a happy place in your head. This was until Helen started putting up photos all around the house. No, literally, they’re taking over the fridge and the walls. Im sure they’re just breeding!

I now love the idea that a picture can bring back nostalgic feelings and memories that I had totally forgot about. I also love the HP Social Media Snapshots app as I can take any of my favourite instagram or Facebook photos and print them straight off and hang them up! Look below to see how easy it is.

The best way I’ve found to hang these photos is using the LED lights that come with little pegs attached. They hang perfectly and you can get plenty of great memories on them.

I absolutely love the ease of how fast I can print these photos. I remember when Helen printed one of our first photos to hang up we had to try and screen grab from Instagram. No more my friend, it’s literally an app that we both have on our phone and can just ping straight accross to our Printer. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite photos that we’ve had printed.

Las Vegas Memories

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Wedding Memories

I honestly don’t think I can wait until we move house. We have both decided we want to use the HP Social Media Snapshots app and create a collage wall. It’ll be so nice to just have one area of the house that’s solely dedicated to all of our memories together over the last 6 years. What’s better is that we can just keep adding to it as we spend many more years together and create more lasting memories around the globe!

Have you taken any of your favourite photos from Facebook or Instagram and printed them out before!?

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  • LaaLaa

    I love easy things like this. Most times I go to a photography store and get them printed and framed for gifts as I find you need the quality printer and paper but if that’s all ready it’s cutting cost and time.

  • What a great idea, I usually say to my husband I want this photo printed and he sorts it, I love having photos around the house as the memories always make me smile x

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    This sounds great. I always like to have my photos printed even though it sounds really old fashioned x

  • Louise

    This is such a nice idea and definitely something I’ll be considering when I get my own place x

  • tp keane

    I love taking pictures, usually not of me. great shots though.

  • A wall collage is such a fab idea – I’m terrible for printing pictures out so this app sounds fab x

  • Photographs are everything! My bf thinks I take too many, but he thanks me later 🙂

  • Photos are my main way to be nostalgic, I love printing photos so much and have loads of photo albums x

  • Aw photographs are a great way of documenting memories and I like to create memories everywhere I go.

  • These are such sweet pictures. It’s so nice to have moments in time preserved through photos!

  • Laura

    I’ve printed out lots of photos last year but haven’t since, really need to get round to print more recent ones! xxx

  • I love the idea of a collage wall, I have some pictures printed up that I have on string and pegs on one wall but a collage wall sounds ideal. I love how simple the app sounds too! xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    The collage wall is a great idea and I am glad to see some people still do print off photos, I suck at it big time x

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    It sounds like a great way to hang some memories on your wall.

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    Love the idea of a collage wall – I need to remember to print out more pictures!

  • I love a collage wall. Great idea!

  • Tanya Brannan

    What a fabulous idea! I love having photo’s all over the place and change them frequently x

  • Oh I LOVE this idea!!! I may have to do the same!

  • Annie Brooks

    I started using this app it is so awesome. Printing more than I used to.

  • Kira L Curtis

    This would be so perfect for me as I’m moving to university very soon and I’ve been wanting to do a collage wall myself 😀

  • I have so many pictures because I love collecting all the good memories, I might have to create a collage of all of them too sounds like a great idea!!!


  • Melanie Edjourian

    This sounds like a lovely idea I take loads of photos of my mini ones 😉