Month One Earnings – House Deposit In A Year

Month One Earnings – House Deposit In A Year

So how did Month One Earnings go? If you haven’t already read my post last month about Fast Tracking a Mortgage Deposit in less than a year, then go have a read here, then this post might make a little more sense.

So in July 2016 the target was set. We aimed to save £20,000 to £30,000 in 12 months. The goal is to ideally earn £1,600 to £2,500 a month. I bet you are just thinking, Chris, Come On get to the numbers already!?

It’s safe to say the target was well and truly smashed in July. I’ve just finished number crunching and between writing the initial blog post and the 31st July we ended up coming in at an almighty £4622.42.

This was a lot higher than anticipated. I’m not going to say every month will be that easy, but it gives us somewhat of a buffer if we have a lower than average month. This is the figure I expected to see in the pot after 2 or 3months. Therefore to have that after the first month is remarkable.

Month One Earnings

How I Achieved Month One Earnings?

My main source of income for my month one earnings was via Matched Betting. I had previously dabbled in this in the past and knew it certainly was  a source of income if you could put in the hours. Well I was ready for the hard work if the money would come following me. I could not of achieved these figures if it wasn’t for Odds Monkey.

I was brought straight back upto speed again thanks to the easy to follow training methods and was back earning cash on Day One. I think I timed things very well, as it turned out to be one of the biggest Horse Racing Festivals of the year. Glorious Goodwood and the cash just didn’t stop coming in.

Ontop of my daily dose of Matched Betting I was lucky enough to work with a few companies. I got to write some Sponsored content on Northern Crumble. It’s always great to engage with different brands. Especially ones that Ive bough from over the years.

I could of further increased earnings in this field, however some opportunities were turned down as they just didn’t seem suitable for what I like on here.

If you’ve made it this far, good job! Thanks for taking precious time out your day to read my progress diary. I’d love for every month to be like this but only time will tell.

Have you any other suggestions of how I can further increase my online earnings?