One Proud Brother

One Proud Brother

I can’t actually believe how happy I am, and its not even me thats spent a gruelling five years studying at University its my little baby brother. Little and baby are probably not the best use of words because he couldn’t be any more grown up. He’s now a fully fledged qualified Doctor and I couldn’t be any more proud. I don’t know where he got the brains from, but he’s bagged himself a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. If you want a Proud brother picture, then look no further. I just want to share it with the world.

Although it was five years ago. It only seems like yesterday that we were driving him down south to drop him off with all his possessions for his first year of University. How time flies hey! Fast Forward Five Years and I had the pleasure of being at his Graduation Ceremony. It’s amazing to see how far my brother and his close friends have came over the years.

Even though he was only ever just under 3 hours down the road. When you looked on a map it always seemed like it was the other side of the world. It was always amazing when we did get to catch up with him over the main summer holidays. I still can’t get over being fortunate enough to fly out to America and spend some time with him in Las Vegas. That in itself was a memory I will never forget.

The only downside of him being so bright and brainy, is that he is now positioned over 4 hours away for the next year. Looking on the positives, he is very close to the capital which means that me and Helen can take nice weekend breaks to London and catch up with my brother throughout the year! I can only commend his bravery as I don’t think I would of been able to cope with packing up shop and moving away from home so easily at the tender age of 18!

I can always look back on these photos and remember how PROUD I am to call this Dr. my brother