Blogging with a Chromebook

One thing every blogger probably questions is how will they be able to keep their blog active whilst on the move! I’ve got a pretty busy work schedule and quite often find myself away from home, however I’ve devised the perfect little travel companion to ensure I’m always socially connected! Here’s my little run down of how my Chromebook has served me well for work!

You may of been out shopping for a new laptop for travelling or university and came across Chromebooks. This is usually the case simply because of their low entry price point. You can pickup a good spec Chromebook & Tablet for around £250 ($350). I recently purchased the Asus C100PA along with an Asus ZenPad Z580C in a combined package.

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What I’m Listening To This Bank Holiday

Since the weather looks like it’s going to be very miserable this Bank Holiday, I thought I’d share with you What I’m Listening To  this weekend to keep me feeling in a holiday mood! There’s nothing better on a usual May Bank Holiday having a BBQ in the Garden with Spotify blasting out whilst you sip on some nice cold drinks, however with Snow scheduled for most of the North East this weekend it looks like a weekend inside. To stop the weather putting a downer on the weekend here’s What I’m Listening To!

What Im Listening To May

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The Inaugural Post

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Hi, Bonjour, Ola…

Okay, I can only speak English I don’t even know where I’m heading with that multilingual opening. This is the post that *fingers crossed* I’ll be looking back on in years and cringing.

The main aim of my blog is to just have my own Man Diary to look back on as I slowly age. They say Pictures tell a thousand words, but its always nice to have a few paragraphs to read alongside one

I’ll cut straight in and tell you all now, this won’t be the usual Male Fashion blog. You’re more likely to read about my spontaneous last-minute travel decisions or the latest Technology I’ve purchased!

Whatever this blog turns out to be, I’m aiming for a long-haul flight and hope to see you on-board