Readly Review & Free Pass

Readly Review & Free Pass

If anyones been following my blog recently you know that I’m doing a Euro Trip. I’m currently in the middle of Spain in a Villa, and when spending your days lounging around a pool you need some reading material. Within a week I’d powered through my book I’d brought with me, so was stuck having to deal with reading Facebook Updates. That soon gets boring, as you’ll probably know!

Readly Review

Somehow I stumbled across one of the best Apps I’ve trialled this year – Readly. If you’ve not heard of Readly it’s basically a Subscription service which lets you read and download Magazines. You’re probably thinking “yes, but they won’t have what I like reading” My exact thoughts, but having read over 25 Magazines so far since downloading it, I literally can’t get enough of this!

Last time I checked there was over 1,500 magazines available and with everything from All About Soap to You & Your Wedding there’s something for everyone. What’s even better is you can get a FREE MONTH right here.

Readly Review


You aren’t locked to reading it on just one device, you can setup 5 different profiles, so everyone can have their own magazine collection setup within the app. I’ve got my collection and Helen has her own magazines on her phone and our tastes don’t collide. Another advantage is I love reading magazines, but can’t really justify paying upwards of £5+ a magazine when alot of the monthly mainstream magazines tend to have a lot of glossy adverts in them.

As-well as being able to Download the magazines to read offline (such as when Flying) you can instantly start reading whilst it downloads in the background allowing you to dive into the latest issue of your favourite magazine in seconds. In theory, you only need to read two or three magazines each month to justify the subscription. If you’re a huge magazine junkie and can convert to digital format over having hundreds of magazines laying around your house then you’ll save thousands a year!

Readly Magazine Examples

As you can see above here’s just a very small example of some of the Popular magazines available on the Readly app. With Readly being available on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, or Windows 8 devices you can have your favourite glossy print in front of your eyes wherever you are in the world! I’ve been glued to my iPhone around the pool since taking out a subscription in Spain!

You can get a FREE Month Subscription. Simply CLICK HERE to give it a trial!

If you give Readly a go, let me know what you think of it!