TEP Wireless Review

TEP Wireless Review

Anyone that relies on the Internet whether its for Facebook and Snapchat or Business use will know the struggles of travelling abroad and trying to get a solid connection. You’d think by now in 2016 we would have high speed Broadband across the majority of Europe, apparently not!

I do have a 3 Sim Card which gives me 12GB of mobile allowance, however as a heavy internet user, I knew this would not last me the duration of my travels around Europe. I’d come across several bloggers reviewing a Tep Wireless device as the saviour for any traveller. I’d arranged to get one delivered out as a Frequent Traveller. Delivery was through Fedex and was scheduled to be there within a business day.

Perfect, we waited in from the crack of down until the 8PM latest delivery time and nobody turned up. I found this strange as only the day before we had managed to use the spanish Amazon Prime and it worked a treat for us. After several phone calls to Fedex, in a nutshell the delivery driver basically didn’t have a clue how to find the Villa, didn’t have a Sat Nav and also couldn’t phone UK mobile numbers. Fedex give us the option of waiting 3-4 days for it to be re-delivered or driving a 2+ hour round-trip to collect the device ourself. Because of how much I was missing solid Internet, I decided to drive and collect it, as I was at my wits-end with the slow broadband. Collection of the package from Fedex was great and I couldn’t wait to get home and use it.

TEP Wireless Blog Review

TEP Wireless

TEP Wireless Pros

  1. The TEP Wireless comes in a lovely storage pouch which is ideal when travelling. It’s small and light enough to just throw in a backpack knowing you have all the cables and the device to hand.
  2. It’s set up and ready to work in plenty of countries. This is one good selling point of the TEP Wireless
  3. Planning a short term break overseas, the TEP Wireless will work out a lot cheaper than paying for 1 month on a local SIM. With TEP Wireless you pay per day of usage.
  4. It’s literally ready to go out the pouch. No technical setup is required. Simply turn the TEP Wireless on and you are ready
  5. The TEP Wireless wall charger acts as a passthrough which means that you don’t lose a plug when charging. This is AMAZING and one of the best things about it. Sounds daft right, but when you are in hotels or hostels and you have like one plug in the room, this is an absolute godsend being able to charge your phone and the TEP Wireless.

TEP Wireless Cons

  1. The device is subject to 350Mb Fair Usage, of which after this you are then capped to 520kb/s. For anyone not too technical this might as-well be referred to as Dial Up Internet. According to Tep Wirless Support, 800MB of data in a few hours is very excessive usage, however all we had was 2 Macbook Pros connected upto the device and was just doing our normal blogging and social media things.
  2. Every 24 hours the device effectively shuts down requiring you to start up a new day. This can be a bit of a pain especially if you are in the middle of doing something. You wont know about it either as on the device you are connected to, the WiFi will still appear as if its connected, however no data will be transferred. You will only find out when you go to press a button and the page crashes! I found this out the hard way after writing a huge blog post and losing all my work. Not cool TEP Wireless!
  3. If travelling for a reasonable length of time in the same country the daily rates will soon add up and you’d be better looking for something more dedicated such as a local SIM. As for whats the best solution with a bit more flexibility than 350Mb I’m not sure as I’m still on the search myself.

TEP Wireless Summary

Had the device of come with something along the lines of 1GB before being knocked down to dial-up speeds then I’d of given this a straight up five-star rating. As someone that looks for a solid internet connection to work whilst travelling and having felt slightly disappointed with the 350Mb speed limits my overall rating for the TEP Wireless is – ✮✮✮✮.

I don’t know what else is available as I’m still searching for something that can give me higher data limits! If you know of anything ideally for France and Spain let me know in the comments section below

I was kindly gifted this by TEP Wireless in return for a review. All views are my own and completely honest. You can read my disclaimer here