Throwing the Perfect BBQ

Throwing the Perfect BBQ

When we were hosted in a Travelopo Villa this month in Pollenca, Mallorca it screamed out nothing other than throwing the perfect BBQ! I like to think I’m some-what of a BBQ perfectionist back in the UK when a little bit of Sunshine comes out, and this called for the perfect excuse for me to grab a beer and rustle up some Grub!

Perfect BBQ Tips

A BBQ in the UK is always nice, but there’s nothing quite like spending a full day in your own Luxury Villa with a Private Pool whilst you’ve got a BBQ cooking away in the background! Travelopo allow you to narrow down Villas by Facilities. Whenever booking a Travelopo property, the first thing I always do is narrow it to; Villa, BBQ Facilities, Internet Access & Swimming Pool. That for me is the perfect combo for Luxury.

Now don’t get me wrong when I’m in the UK I will always go source the freshest ingredients possible. When you’re on the Continent unless you’re fluent in the language, in my opinion you ought to edge along the caution line with what you’re buying and cooking. Well that could just be me, but with a huge Lidl store located less than 1km away from the Villa it wouldn’t make sense to not take advantage of their produce. I personally think that the food on offer in Lidl is exceptional quality and I shop here when I’m in the UK as-well so it was a no-brainer for me! We picked up a lovely 400g piece of Salmon which when infused will taste delicious. Chicken fillets and Premium Burgers are a staple for any Summer BBQ! A pack of large Frankfurters as Helen is a huge fan of my BBQ Frankfurters and a lovely box of fresh prawns. The additional things we picked up were bag of new potatoes, coleslaw, Patatas Bravas Sauce, Tortillas, Baguettes, strawberries and of course you can’t forget the Bottle of Cava.

Now everyone probably does BBQ’s different. I’m no Chef, but the way I like to do it is get everything on the BBQ then work out how high or low things need to be in terms of speed of cooking. Its probably a bit backwards to do it this way, but its something I’ve always done and it works, probably a slight hint of OCD if i do say so myself!

BBQ Time

Zesty Lime Salmon

Once the Salmon has barely had time to say Hi to the BBQ I’ll remove it and wrap it up in straight away in some tin-foil to lock in the juices. This is before I treat it to a lovely Lime bath. Yes, you read it right, douse it in lime and wrap it in silver foil. The reason I tend to opt to cook my salmon this way is it’ll create a steam effect and the taste you’ll get when it glides in your mouth will be sublime. If you’re not a huge fan of Lime as it can be quite a strong flavour then I’ll quickly brief an alternative Winter twist I’ve sometimes does for guests in the past. Give the salmon an introduction to the BBQ then wrap it in silver foil. This time, we are going to add a handful of chopped carrots and leeks along with some butter and parsley to suit.

Both flavours work really well when cooked on a BBQ, I’d always opt for the lime as I’m a big fan of Zesty flavours but I understand its not for everyone

Lime infused Salmon

Patatas Bravas

Now this is one thing I’ve always missed whenever I’ve returned home from any spanish holiday. Theres just something about getting Tapas in spain and the taste of the sauce on these crispy potatoes. Now I got the nod of approval from Helen when i knocked these up, which must mean one thing… they’re good! Bring the potatoes to boil on the hob in a pan with a pinch of salt and pepper. Once they’re cooked right through and soft enough for a fork to smoothly sail into the middle remove them from the hob. Drain the potatoes and take them straight over to the BBQ. If the heats still strong they should only take at the most 3-5 minutes on each side to get them nice and crispy. Don’t forget they’re already fully cooked we are just crisping the outsides off. Once they’re cooked to desired levels, remove them from the BBQ and smother them with generous lashings of La Brava sauce. Lidl and many other supermarkets stock this. Just make sure everyone can handle a little bit of heat before you cover the whole plate in the Orange Sensation! It certainly kicks off the right combo punch to go well with the crispy potatoes.

Patatas Bravas

The Final Banquet feast looked pretty impressive if i do say so myself. Accompanied by Cava & Strawberries what more can you want!?

The BBQ Banquet

Have you any Summer BBQ tips? Let me know in the comments section below, this certainly won’t be the last BBQ I’ll end up cooking over the next few months!

I was gifted a stay in this Villa by Travelopo in return for a review. All views are my own and completely honest. You can read my disclaimer here