Top Three TV Series

Top Three TV Series

Im always on the look out for reading what people are watching as over the last year I’ve watched some great TV Shows that I’d of usually avoided had I not read rave reviews about them. I’m going to cover my Top Three TV Series of what I’ve watched this year. Some you may not of heard of, and others you’ll of heard so much about!

With the cost of visiting the Cinema getting ever more expensive, I’ve found myself enjoying TV Series at home in front of the big screen with surround sound on over a trip to the Cinema.

After spending most evenings binging on TV at home I’ve been looking into getting a new 4K television. I always refer to AVForums reviews and this Ultra HD TV Panasonic won the AV Forums Highly Reccomended 2016 award. I’ve not stopped dreaming about it ever since reading about it over on AV Forums. Nothing has been left out on this model, to the extent that it’s even tuned by actual filmmakers. This 65″ 4K Pro Smart LED TV is firmly on my wishlist.

1 – Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

If you’ve not seen this TV Series then stop reading the rest of this blog, and go buy it now! I literally binge watched this for days on end powering through Episode after Episode. I really couldn’t get enough of Breaking Bad it was by far the best TV Series I’ve watched in recent years. I always tend to give AMC shows a watch as they’ve delivered some quality TV Series over the years and this one didn’t half excede expectations. A 5 season Crime Drama thriller which centres around Walter White basically producing and selling Crystal Meth. I know it sounds strange right, but there’s a lot more to it than that! I’ve tried to convince Breaking Bad virgins into watching it and as soon as they hear or read about it being Drugs related they freak out and avoid it. Believe me, if someones tried to convince you to watch Breaking Bad and you’re yet to discover this wonderful show, do it! You’ll soon understand why the whole world went into Breaking Bad melt down when you reach the last episode and everyone is screaming out for it to return to our screens in the future!

2 – 60 Days In

60 Days In

This is another show that I’ve been hooked on after seeing an American friend tweeting about it. The addiction to 60 Days In got that extreme that we would stay up until the early hours of the morning in the UK to watch it live on the A&E channel in USA. The idea behind it is its a Reality TV Series about Clark County Jail in Indiana. With so much corruption going on in the American Jail system the idea was to send in 7 volunteers and basically obtain inside evidence for the Sheriff. Reality TV Series have taken off big time over the last few years with so many springing up left, right and centre however this one really does cover all angles of the Prison System.

3 – Catfish: The TV Show

If you havent seen Catfish: The Film then I’d recommend starting with this one first. This is basically where it all started before the TV Show was even born. The whole film was basically shot by a group of friends and turned into a commercial success which led MTV into running a spin-off and 5 seasons down the line its still going strong. What I’m loving about the most recent seasons is the introduction of celebrity co-hosts on the show. The idea behind both the Film and the TV Show usually focuses around long-distance online dating relationships in which they believe they are being Catfished (A fake behind a Facebook profile). Nev and Max basically hunt down the people behind the profiles and bring the two sides of the story together. You never know which direction in which the show is going to turn and it’s always gripping watching the reactions of the guests. There’s plenty of episodes to work through, so if you’ve never watched this before you’ve plenty of TV binging to indulge in if its your kind of thing.

If there’s a TV Series you’ve watched recently that you think I’d enjoy watching, please leave me a comment below so I can give it a try. There’s not a better feeling than getting hooked in front of the TV watching your favourite box set!

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