What TV Shows I’m Watching – June

What TV Shows I’m Watching – June

I blogged about this last month here and had some great responses and ideas of what to watch so I’m going to tell you guys about what I’ve been loving throughout June! Some of these you may not of heard of, and others you’ll of heard so much about! I’m going to focus particularly this month on TV Shows on mainstream UK channels.

1 – George Clarke’s Old House, New Home

George Clark

Im currently converting one of my rooms into an office to be more productive whilst looking around for a new house in the upcoming year. So anything to do with property at the moment I can’t get enough of! I’ve always been a huge fan of George Clark’s TV Shows that he’s done over the last few years. This show has only just recently started and is in it’s first season. The general gist, George is an Architect and goes around the UK visiting properties that are in need of a new lease of life. An example would be something like a change of circumstance means the property now doesn’t work for the owners, and they need a new layout flow inside the house. Have you watched any of George Clark’s other property shows, what did you think?

2 – 24 Hours In Police Custody!

As you can probably tell, I’ve been loving Channel 4 this last month! They are making some ground waves with the content they are producing. 24 Hours In Police Custody really gets you thinking. The show starts outlining the alleged crime that has been carried out and the 24 hours proceeding the arrest in which they have to bring forward any charges. It really keeps you on your toes watching, so I can’t even begin to imagine how busy it keeps the detectives each day!

3 – Reverse Engineers

Reverse Engineers is another one that I came across browsing Channel 4’s online service, they do quite a lot of Online shorts which are really great to binge watch. The first episode I watched was called House of Invention and it’s basically about discovering what it takes to build the future. I think I quite enjoyed this one because it had some famous faces as the show hosts, with the likes of; Jamie Laing, Rachel Riley and Alex Brooker. The general idea behind this short tv show, is they start by opening a mystery box and from there they then have the task of figuring out what new innovation they have. It then gets quite funny as they have to come up with on the spot an idea of how to use this in a real-world circumstance. It does sound strange I agree, but as they’re so short each episode, I’d personally say give it a watch, It is certainly interesting to see what they come up with. Have you watched Reverse Engineers, what did you think of it?

If there’s a TV Show you’ve watched recently that you think I’d enjoy watching, please leave me a comment below so I can give it a try.

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